Historic Aircraft Restoration Museum

Antique and Vintage Aircraft For Sale

Do you have an antique or classic airplane or part for sale or trade? As a free service the Historic Aircraft Restoration Museum has dedicated this page to be used for posting images with a brief description, of aircraft or parts that you have available for sale or trade. We will do everything within our power to ensure that images or information that we post is accurate and up to date. However, this is a free service being offered to the vintage and antique aircraft community and we can make no guarantees or assurances that any information we post is 100% accurate and or up to date. In some cases the plane or item will be located at our airport or in our area but in some cases, it will be not be local. We will put the location of the item pictured in the text below the image when that information is made available. When possible we will also include direct contact information for the owner or person representing the item and in others, we will put an email below the image that will only be used for items shown on this page . If you have an item or aircraft you would like to list here, please email us at the link below.  sales@creve-coeur-airport-museum.org