Historic Aircraft Restoration Museum

Donated Aircraft And Aviation Memorabilia

The Historic Aircraft Restoration Museum  is a registered 501 (c) 3 non-profit educational institution and has been approved by the IRS and the Missouri Secretary of State's office. As such an institution, we can accept and do welcome donations of aircraft and related artifacts. In recent years, tax codes relating to donated items have changed and in some cases an independent appraisal is needed. We can offer assistance in finding such appraisers to help ensure that you, your family, or your company receive the maximum allowable tax deduction under both State and Federal law. We only take on aircraft and related items that we can maintain and care for but if we are not able to do that, we offer assistance in finding another non-profit museum that might be better suited for the item or items being offered. 

We are forever grateful for the aircraft and items that have been donated over the years. In some cases you will see the name of a person, family, or company who has trusted us to care for an item or collection but in other cases, the donor has asked to remain anonymous. In any event, we are grateful for the opportunity to help preserve important pieces of aviation history! If you have an item or would like to talk with us about a donation, please call 314-434-3368, fax 314-878-6453 or email us at this link. donations@creve-coeur-airport-museum.org