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Partly due to our central location within the country, Creve Coeur Airport and the Historic Aircraft Restoration Museum periodically play host to vintage and antique aircraft type club flyin events. For more than twenty five years we have hosted the American Waco Club annual event and every other year, we host the Monocoupe Club flyin. In the past we have hosted the Cessna 190/195 Club event, the Cessna 120/140 Club flyin, and the Globe/Temco Swift flyin.  Another reason that we host these types of flyin events is that Creve Coeur Airport maintains two 3,000' grass runways in addition to our primary 4,500' hard surface runway. Many antique aircraft owners and pilots enjoy operating from our grass runways due to their somewhat more forgiving nature. Our grass runway layout ensures that the a 45 degree cross wind is the most they will face and when it comes to flying antiques and classics, avoiding strong cross winds is always a good thing! 

The best days to watch antique and classic aircraft operations at Creve Coeur Airport are the weekends and as you might imagine, we do not fly many of the antiques when the temperatures dip below 55 F. The Museum aircraft do fly from time to time but there is no set schedule. However, the airport is not only home to the aircraft in the four museum buildings, it is also home to at least thirty other antiques and classics that are owned and operated by private individuals. So stop by the airport and feel free to wonder the grounds but PLEASE! Do Not Drive Cars, Motorcycles, or Bicycles past the parking lot unless you are a hangar owner or tenant! If you are uncertain about where you can walk on the airport, stop in the main office building and ask for assistance. Our friendly staff will be more than happy to give you a few simple rules and safety tips! 

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